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Luxury Mechanical Leather Strap Watch

Luxury Mechanical Leather Strap Watch

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Item #: W0005a



Luxurious mechanical unisex watch with a unique design and shiny crystals on the dial. The watch has a partially transparent hollow dial and transparent back of the case, which allows the movement of the mechanism to be seen. This is a mechanical watch that and it has to be hand wound periodically. This is done turning the stem of the watch forward repeatedly (10-20 turns) until some tension is felt. Be careful, over-winding will strain or break the mechanism!



Strap: High quality leather strap

Case: Stainless steel bezel & glass & crystals

Length: 26 cm.

Case diameter: 40 mm

Case thickness: 14 mm

Strap width: 20 mm

Weight: 68 g

Packaging: Beautiful organza bag

Daily water resistant (splash/rain resistant). Swimming, showering not recommended.

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